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Our curriculum is based on the U. K. Concept of preschool education, which is all about stress-free &conceptual learning with the help of role-play models, activities and modern technologies.Our curriculum helps children to achieve their best, develop their talent academically, creatively & socially with the help of specially designed activities, role-play models & learning material to provide opportunities to all the children so that they can fully develop their potential as individuals. We acknowledge that each child is unique and consider their special needs and abilities. All children are respected and their individuality and potentials are recognised, valued and nurtured. They are also encouraged to discover and develop their talents and interests in different areas.

Our curriculum aim to enable children to learn through play in a safe environment and to develop social confidence among their peer groups. As we live in a multi-cultural society so, we aim to reflect this in our planning, resourcing and management. We giveequal opportunities to all the children and are committed to treating the children in our care with equal concern and to make every attempt to meet their specific needs.To encourage kindness, consideration, tolerance and co- operation we build an understanding of right and wrong behaviour.

Our curriculum is crafted in “Core Value Circle” which helps children in the refinement of their senses; gross motor development, psychological development, personality development and practical life care for self, others and the environment.

Our curriculum is crafted in our
“Core Value Circle”

Refinement of Senses

To introduce child to the joys of learning through companionship and recreational activities.

Gross Motor Development

To stimulate and satisfy the child’s curiosity and provide opportunity to discover and explore with hands on material.

Creative Development

To use a variety of media to explore their creativity and keep a steady beat and performing together.

Social Development

To inculcate good habits, social manners and etiquettes among children.

Psychological/Personality Development

To orient the child to develop self confidence & honesty.

Practical Life/Care for Self & Environment.

To develop a partnership with parents and good relationships with the local community.